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So basically since the last update back in May I've:

  • attended A-Kon in Dallas
  • gained a new kitty: June

  • done a whole lot of nothing
  • well except for starting a new exercise routine
  • become obsessed with Pacific Rim

June is a kitty that my mom found hiding inside the hood of her truck after a big rainstorm. Luckily she meowed very loud, so mom was aware she was in there before she started up her truck. June is incredibly hyper and so damn adorable.

I don't really feel like typing up anything else, so here, have an assortment of photos.

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A backlog of What I Wore Today pics from June to this month )
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Bah, I'm once again forgetful in updating in a timely manner.

Outfit of the Day: April 26th

2 more outfits posts, 2 nail polish swatches, and my new moss terrarium. )


× A couple of links from Birchbox's tumblr: 8 easy to care for plant recs for small apartments | photo tutorial for fishtail braid

× From Buzzfeed: 18 snacks you can make in a mug in the microwave | 27 ways to eat healthier | Where Are They Now? The Original Power Rangers | Creepy things children have said to their parents (check out the reddit thread for even more)

× I recently came across For the Makers, which is monthly box subscription of DIY projects for jewelry, accessories, and the like. Seems very interesting! I might try this service out in the future.

× Another DIY box subscription I've come across is Whimsey Box. It didn't grab me as much as For the Makers did, but its still a neat option.

× From The Beauty Department: TBD's fave beauty sources for makeup/hair/nail/etc items | How to make your lips look bigger (Lisa Eldridge also recently posted a video on making thin lips look bigger as well) | tutorial for a strong brow | Great Gatsby-inspired manicure tutorial | tutorial on highlighting the brow bone for the appearance of an instant lift | cat eye tutorial

× Mark Ruffalo knows about Science Bros. THE FANDOM FOURTH WALL HAS BEEN BROKEN, RUN.

× One of my fave fashion bloggers went to Disney World and posted various Disney Princess inspired outfits. So cute!

× DIY projects: colorful mason jars | J Crew inspired skirt

× Tutorial: freehanded rose nail art

× The 10 best comics Marvel currently publishes

× 7-minute HICT exercise workout. A 12-step workout that requires only yourself, a chair, and the wall.

× Gavin, the photobombing parrot fish is super cute and hilarious.
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There's been a new addition to my household recently, and it is marimo. 5 of them!

Look, they're smiling! Anyway, marimo are just moss balls so my love for them is probably over the top, but I honestly think they are really cute. [profile] lysanderpuck/Massiel helped me decide on naming them after the Japanese group Arashi. Which was perfect since I love Arashi, and their 5 members equals the amount of marimo I have. Clockwise from the one at 12 o'clock in the above pic they are: Aiba, Sho, Ohno, Jun, and Nino. Biggest marimo for tallest Arashi member; smallest marimo for shortest member.

More pics and babbling. HELP I'M MARIMO OBSESSED. )

One WIWT post and a manicure I did earlier this month. )


× DIY: fold-over clutch

× DIY: conditioning hair mask

× George Blagden's livetweets during episode 3 of Vikings.

× From Buzzfeed: 33 hilarious dog pictures | 27 cute animal pictures.

× Cats can be such creepy photobombers.

× DIY: tie-dye nail art tutorial and vintage flowers nail art tutorial.

× Look at this two-headed shark!

× Fashion Zoo Animals are digitally manipulated images of animals in various outfits. The raccoon one is my favorite, I think.

× From makeup artist Lisa Eldrige's recent series of videos, all on foundation:

× A general guide from sewpetitegal on how to decide whether to DIY or buy when it comes to clothing.

× DIY: striping tape manicure tutorial

× DIY: how to line a top

× DIY: elastic-waist A-line skirt with pockets

× DIY: princess-roll hairstyle

× New Whiskas ad campaign has cats acting like big cats.

× How to convert a fit-and-flare dress into a peplum-esque top.
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Copy/pasting some recent tumblr entries.

(For entire post, click on images for full view.)

Before and after of kitchen at New House. Before pic is with flash, after pic without—for a reason. Previously the cabinet color, plus that row of cabinets you can see on the top left of first pic made the kitchen very dim and dreary looking (the kitchen is in the middle of the house, btw, so there are no windows to bring in any sort of natural light). That old wall color was a bad choice as well.

Painted the cabinets (and removed that one row of cabinets, adding a light fixture there), swapped out all the hardware for new silver handles (omfg the old ones were hideous), painted the walls a new color, now its so much brighter and nice. The cabinets match the counter surface better too!

More Arpakasso shots and random pics from New House. )


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