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Birthdate:Nov 29
Location:Texas, United States of America
I am: Kathy; 27; a twin; college student.

This journal is mainly filled with ramblings over video games, anime, and manga (i.e. everything listed in my interests below, and more). Sometimes I'll blather on about fanfiction and fanart, and occasionally I'll make posts about real life.

I also like making random polls.

Originally, this journal was going to be used mainly to follow people that migrated from LJ, but because of the nifty import function I can do cross-posting with the click of a button. How convenient! Perhaps that means that this journal won't suffer the same fate as my other journals: abandonment!

× Other journals: [ profile] ghostdrive (main), [ profile] ghostdrive, [ profile] ghostdrive, [ profile] ghostdrive (I tend to forget about these last three, lol)
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